Go on location with the photographer for the Marlboro Man advertising campaign, and learn how to push light to its limit and embrace the iconic elements of the American West! Instructors Norm Clasen (best known for his twelve years of work on the Marlboro campaign) and his daughter Jennifer (a Hollywood-based photojournalist for major studios and news outlets) team up to provide one-of-a-kind workshops. Both masters of natural light, the pair provide an inspirational environment to propel every level of photographer into new ways of seeing and embracing photographic opportunities.

Each workshop is set in a new location, with large herds of horses, wranglers, cowboys, and local rodeo practices as the backdrop. Editing direction, group critiques, and portfolio reviews happen in between daily field sessions. Special guests share valuable tips about pre-production and what it takes to line up a successful commercial shoot.

Clients spend the majority of time out in the field, photographing in all conditions—morning and evening light, hard light and shadows, dust, wind, and more—using the natural elements of the West to capture the rugged spirit of an iconic region. Come prepared to get your hands dirty!


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For all workshops we require you bring lenses from a range of wide (14-24mm) to telephoto (minimum of 200mm) and the range in-between. If you have or can obtain a 300mm it will be a great asset for your action work and more. We can suggest multiple ways to rent or borrow lenses should you need help. Its better to work with us ahead of time then arrive short of what you need and feel frustrated.