5 Days - Cost $2,385  Limited to 12 participants

This workshop needs very little introduction. It takes place in the heart of cowboy country with the magnificent Mission Mountain Range as a backdrop. Many famous Marlboro ads and billboards have been shot in this location and we have the unique pleasure to work with some of Norm’s long-time Marlboro wranglers, stock providers, and their families.

This is one of the workshops most suited for professional shooters, where we push each other to a new level of seeing and inspiration. It is a week-in-the-life-of real cowboy culture. We have the opportunity to run herds of horses across this incredible terrain. We are welcomed on the ranches of some of Norm’s former wranglers where you will experience these horsemen and cowboys in their element. We are out of the parking lot some days by 6am so be prepared. The cowboy’s wives make some of our meals, and you will undoubtedly make some new friends.

This workshop finishes with the rare experience of being allowed behind the chutes of a Professional NRA (National Rodeo Association) rodeo, or as Norm likes to call it, to capture “testosterone at its max.” We’ll photograph a team roping event days before the big rodeo, and document the whole family dynamic of these cowboys. The Montana workshop has proven to be a huge success year after year.