Not every child spends their childhood trotting after a world-renowned photographer. Jennifer did. "She had a unique way of looking at the world from the start," says her dad Norm Clasen, "a point of view she has never lost."  And from a very early age, her fascination with exploration, light, and adventure, was born

Shortly after graduation from University of California, Santa Barbara, Jennifer left on life-changing journey. With nothing more than a small backpack and an old Nikon, Jennifer’s solo journey around the world lasted nearly two years. Despite her youth, Jennifer quickly found a life as a traveler and a nomad, but even more so, an impassioned photographer.

Upon her return, Jennifer’s imagery received praise from National Geographic photographers and highly accomplished photojournalists, and perhaps, more surprising to her, from her father. With new-found direction, and a burning desire to pursue it, Jennifer moved back to California to get her ‘photographic feet wet’ and among other things, started a relationship with the international wire agency, Zuma Press.

Today finds Jennifer shooting celebrities on Hollywood movie and television sets, gang prevention projects in South LA and the Chichewa tribes of Southern Malawi. No matter the subject, her narrative style and ability to capture the human spirit has won her high acclaim. Her passion and energy are contagious, and she is well on her way to making a definitive mark of her own.